What We Do


The clinic opened in 2014 and runs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with a staff of 13 doctors, nurses and various auxiliaries. We are very proud of this. We currently offer 24 hour emergency "first call" services, as well as routine gynaecological and sexual health testing, vitamin programs, and sonography services. Our next goals are to gain the means to offer laboratory services (blood and urine analysis), defibrillator and electrocardiogram, launching a birthing centre, as well as a basic emergency medical surgery ward for basic operations.

To launch the clinic, the Foundation rented a small abandoned hotel on the main street of the village. We then rehabilitated the building gaining all the necessary legal permits to operate as a medical center and we are now finally able to receive and process all types of health insurance, both local and international.


We have started to help women to build their very own homes of cement blocks which, unlike traditional shacks, will not be damp ridden and blown away with the high winds. This has caused many to lose their hard earned personal possessions year after year.

The criteria is making certain the woman involved can obtain clear ownership of the land, with or without our help. Often the case here is the squatter who builds and then the true owner appears to claim the new house. The Foundation has managed to build or start 5 small houses, which have had an enormous impact on the families involved.


In a building on land which the Foundation has purchased, we collaborate with a kindergarten which takes care of the young, enabling mothers to return to work knowing their child is in safe hands. Together we run child psychology initiatives as well as extracurricular activities including languages, art, and summer camp.

More than a third of the population in Las Galeras cannot read or write. We have started on a case by case basis, where we have financed the education of a young boy who has now completed college. Proudly, we can say that today he is a qualified Civil Engineer. With more funds, we can help more young people get an education, helping them positively transform their own life, their families’ lives, as well as the community.