Our Foundation

Photo of Kristen, Dr. Andrea, two nurses and a girl patient - NiñosDeLasGaleras © 2017

Niños de Las Galeras is a non-profit organization established in 2013, in the Dominican Republic.

The action of the Foundation is mainly focused on minors living in the area of Las Galeras and in the peninsula of Samana. Here many young people suffer from malnutrition, diseases, lack of education and difficult social situations. We are working specifically to make positive changes in three areas: health through the launch of a medical clinic and related services, housing by providing aid to women helping them build their own cement homes, and education from kindergarten to adult learning.

Niños de Las Galeras is small, however operating in such a neglected area its impact is invaluable. The Foundation is an independent, secular, non-political organization, without discrimination of race, creed, gender, caste or political orientation. It is recognized internationally by the signatory agreements with Unicef and Unesco.