Niños de las Galeras Foundation Education and School

Health, Housing & Education

Our Foundation focusses on three areas; Health, Housing and Education. We run a 24/7 clinic, construct housing for women, sponsor children's education through college and collaborate with a local kindergarten.
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Niños de las Galeras Foundation Children Hugging
Playa Rincon

Founder's Story

We have been exploring the amazingly beautiful Dominican Republic for over a decade and have spent much time the last several years in the north on the peninsula of Samana, in the little village of Las Galeras.
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What We Do


The clinic opened in 2014 and runs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with a staff of 13 doctors, nurses and various auxiliaries. We are very proud of this. We currently offer 24 hour emergency "first call" services...
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We have started to help women to build their very own homes of cement blocks which, unlike traditional shacks, will not be damp ridden and blown away with the high winds...
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In a building on land which the Foundation has purchased, we collaborate with a kindergarten which takes care of the young, enabling mothers to return to work knowing their child is in safe hands...
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